Space before the edge of a form

Hi all, I am trying to get some space on the right-hand-side of my form, because ast it is, the input boxes are touching the right hand side edges of the form. Please can you give me an hint. I have already try padding, but did not work:

Could it be something to do with the ‘span’ element perhaps?

? I dont understand… :thinking: I dont have any span tag…

The span element is for text, but it might work if you surround it by a div element within the form.

You could try this instead. How to alter the width of a form element.

Try margins !
either a margin : 0 auto ; to center everything or margin-right / margin-left manullay

I did managed to get it right, what I did was to:

box-sizing: border-box;

thank you all for your suggestions

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