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How do I get rid of the space between my navbar and photo?

bootstrap gives navbar 20px of margin-bottom.

adding something like…

  margin: 0px;

will fix that up no problem. Already tested it in your solution.
When using bootstrap remember to be more exact in your css.

Browsers will use the more specific selector.
So if boot strap sets .navbar to have margin-bottom: 20px;
Your selector needs to be more exact then that for it to work.

Cheers mate. :+1:

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Thank you so much! Do you have any idea how I can center my text?

if you mean horizontally, text-align: center; or margin: 0 auto; will work depending on the case.

If you mean vertically… its a bit more complex…

IF your not using bootstrap that is. Lucky for you thats not the case. :slight_smile:
take a peak here.

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