Spliting a string using regular expression

HI guys! I am new to java script and I really need your help. I have big amount of data that I download from a site using API, however, my challenge is that I cannot load into Google sheet because the string length is more than 50k. The solution I am thinking of right now is to split the downloaded data into several chunks using split with regular expression. The string pattern that i see that is constant in the data looks something like this {“id”:1234567890}. I tried using this line in java script but its not working,

var resultit = response1.getContentText
var convertArray = resultit.split('[{"id":[0-9]{10}]')
var convertArraylen = convertarray.length

The string should be converted into an array but it still one big whole string downloaded from a site.

Can anyone help me on this?

this is not a regular expression, it’s just a string, so it’s splitting on exactly that string

a regex will be something like /\[\{"id":[0-9]{10}\]/


you may need to add optional spaces between each character depending on how the object you have is made