SQL > student DB part2 > AVG

Hello everyody.

I’ve no idea what’s wrong here:

in the image you can see I’m entering in the terminal:

SELECT AVG(major_id) FROM students;

But the codeRoad doesn’t pass the test.

Am I doing something wrong here??
thanks in advance

i can’t see the underscore in the image… (I stuck my face really close to my computer screen and still couldn’t see it).
But you say you typed it?
(not sure why it is not shown on the screen)

Can you try to exit psql then go back in (reconnect) and try again?

The underscore is there I promise, I don’t know either why my display is that way. (if you watch really close the lowest part of the letter ‘g’ is gone too)

I have tried to reconect, refresh, soft refresh, I’ve even tried giving the computer a few days in case it was mad at me but none of those work.

here’s another screen shot

What I haven’t tried is working in another pc. I’ll try that tomorrow and report back.

Thank you so much for your response.