Stardew Valley Tribute Page

Hello everyone! Just finished my first responsive web design project and I would love some feedback on it, design, code, whatever. The more nit-picky, the better.
Thank you so much!

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Nice and simple. Well done :slight_smile:

Well done with the responsiveness and general layout. Simple, but it works well for this page and clearly allowed you to focus on getting everything right without overreaching. I’ll include a few notes just to give you feedback to consider, but I think this shows a clear understanding of HTML and CSS as taught here.

  • Your links could be improved for accessibility reasons. Check out this article on html links. “Click here” is a dreaded link text for screen readers, for example.
  • I love your use of rem, vw, and max-width on sizing elements of your site. There is a concept known as fluid typography that this fluid typography article covers in detail.You might be interested since you already use a lot of fluid sizing in your responsive design!

This page is so good, that now I want to play the game.
Yellow and white contrast was slightly glaring. Black border will do well.

PS: There should be a way to make corners of the border pixel-ed. Let me know if you find out!

Thank you so much! Those articles are both extremely helpful and I tried to improve the accessibility on my page.

I also want to play more now! Great suggestion too.

For the pixelated look I found this pen and trying to understand the scss (which I’ve just started learning about) and how to implement it in my own page. I’ll keep tinkering on it.