Start Programming in Vaadin or

Hi i used to be a visual basic programmer and i also know the Java syntax and C# syntax but i havent wrote code for web applications never in my life. I want to start programming web applications and i want to ask some questions to get your feedback:

  1. do you suggest to go with Java and vaadin or use with visual studio?
  2. Anybody has experience with vaadin designer, if yes, is it close enough to visual studio IDE?
  3. Is any web application IDE that you can use it as the traditional desktop development to move around components easily?
  4. thoughts about how to start and get into web application development.

thanks in advance

can’t really comment on most of it, but question 4 is easy, work through free code camp!

Maybe go with vaadin, since you already have C# background relatively similar to Java.
However, no experience in it so I got nothing else for you; just my opinion though.

I guess Asp.Net with visual studio will be much easier for developing web applications. But you need to have knowledge of the web technologies like HTML, CSS, JQUERY etc. which you can easily learn through FCC challenges.

All the best…

So, first of vaadin basically is a java framework developed just before spring came into picture and it is more focused onto designing part, but if you ask me in terms of java which framework i ll suggest for web app development then it has to be play you will have to struggle with learning some basic scala as well but its worth it… and usually both of these frameworks are not widely used yes vaadin is there but quite less actually so in my opinion if you want to learn looking at the future scope and also want to get job over it i would highly recommend you to learn spring / hibernate / maven / servlet / jsp — for JAVA vaadin you can learn later and it will be very easy to do so once you are comfortable with spring…

Now onto Visual Studio IDE i think it was and is and will be widely used IDE for C# since microsoft and since C# is one of the major languages used in industries there are lots of career opportunities as well.

So final verdict, If you are looking for an easy learning curve go for C# if you really want to spend sometime then go with JAVA choice is all yours

Couple of things to consider:

  • Jobs. ASP.NET jobs are to be found almost anywhere. MS is a giant, and that won’t be ending soon. MS is making big pushes with their tablets and UWP platforms. It’s possible the demand will grow. Java is also a giant, but they have had some issues since they were gobbled up by Oracle years ago.

  • Anything you learn in FCC can work with or complement any ASP.NET project. Any tool you learn in FCC can work in an ASP.NET project and vice versa.

  • Finally C# is huge. You can use C# to make games, desktop apps, mobile apps, etc. And VB.NET or C# are the most common languages used to develop in ASP.NET. So your C3 experience in ASP.NET would have some carryover if you wanted to switch to desktop or mobile apps. Also look up Xamarin and Mono.

To get started in web app development, either start with FCC or ASP.NET. But don’t try to do both at the same time. If you have never written a web application, start with FCC. ASP.NET has a bunch of different frameworks (MVC, Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Pages, Web API, etc) and it can get confusing at first. FCC is very structured and holds your hand starting out. Also everything you use in FCC is some variation of a free tool. With ASP.NET if you start making commercial apps, you will need to pay for licensing.

I would suggest you to go with .
It will help you developing app.