Starting in Java

Hello, everybody. Yesterday I downloaded IntelliJ, today I downloaded and installed what I think is the proper SDK, but I’m having trouble getting squared away to start coding in Java. Maybe somebody could help me figure out what to do? I would particularly appreciate help from anybody that’s actually experienced in using IntelliJ. Thanks!

If you go to and search for java courses, most of the inro courses will get you up and going. I recommend intro to java courses from udacity, edx, or coursera.

I’ve got a book I want to go through–Think Java–and I’m reluctant to sign up for a course just to be able to start coding in IntelliJ. Still, I guess I can do this if all else fails. Thanks.

Another good Free resource is Oracle’s Java Trail.

Yes, I’ve no doubt that there are very many good tutorials available. I have a perfectly good book. I just need to know what option to hit in IntelliJ to be able to start coding.

Maybe @P1xt might know?

Try this tutorial on Youtube

I also believe that @ArielLeslie has some experience in Java.

Believe me, I’d love to dump it. Unfortunately, my training program/employer has decreed that we are to use IntelliJ, so I’ve got to figure out how to get it going. Thanks for the advice, though. I can at least follow it at home, I suppose.

Before I fell in love with FCC, I was learning Java for free here:

Seriously, watch the 9 minute video called Installing Java SDK and IntelliJ I linked above…

My filter doesn’t let me use YouTube. Yeah, I know, I’m going to have to fix that.

IntelliJ isn’t difficult to use and to start coding.

To actually start coding:

  1. Click Create New Project

  2. Select Java, Click Next

  3. Click Next

  4. Name your project, pick a desired location, click Finish

  5. Right click src > New > Java Class

  6. Name your Java Class, click OK

  7. Copy my Java code to start coding

  8. @Jatudrei, I believe this is what you really wanted

So @P1xt does have all the answers.

Your stats speak volumes. :wink:

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