Status Nov 25, 2019

This weekend was super productive. I got completely caught up on email for both mine and the team email. It’s been months since both of these have been inbox zero :slight_smile:

Other updates:

  • I onboarded a new publication author and a several super inspiring forum moderators (whom you’ll no doubt see on here more)
  • I started working on our 2019 Top Contributor announcement
  • I started working on an article with an update on Version 7.0 of the curriculum, and includes the 4 new certifications we’re designing (with the certification projects coming in early 2020)

Also, I’m sending my email blast Tuesday instead of Thursday to get a jump start on Thanksgiving here in the US.


Quincy, I’m curious: which certification you guys are working on?

You’ll see the big announcement hopefully later this week :slight_smile:

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oh :sunny:

I’ll be waiting (sometimes, I’ve imagined a DS certification, but whatever it is I’m sure is something awesome)

  • Reviewed articles from the weekend and shared to social media
  • Worked with Quincy to take care of a few issues
  • Read a number of articles/guides about creating surveys, avoiding bias, and so on
  • Made some notes/worked on questions for the survey I’m creating
  • Edited a couple articles
  • Read through a bunch of new forum posts/threads and made some comments - caught up from the weekend
  • Went through twitter
  • Continued working on migration plan.
  • Reviewed and merged PRs.
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