Status Nov 18, 2019

  • went through the new posts on the Chinese forum, responded and shared some of them within WeChat groups.
  • read through the summary of several freeCodeConfs organized by study groups in different cities this month, encouraging them or giving suggestions.
  • edited a few articles on WeChat, Zhihu, etc.
  • read through the forum moderator guide by Quincy.

Have a productive week, everybody:)

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  • continued working on the forum UI.
  • Met with Quincy and Mrugesh regarding donate page.
  • Reviewed new articles published over the weekend + composed posts for Buffer
  • Posted to Instagram and went through Twitter for the last couple days
  • Edited a few articles
  • Read through/interacted with new posts in Contributors, Staff, You Can Do This, and Career advice subforums and browsed through forum in general
  • Prepped and loaded posts into Buffer
  • Went through Google Analytics top posts and added some new articles to list of top articles
  • Caught up on emails and GitHub notifications that came in while I was on vacation
  • Edited several Developer News articles that were published over the weekend
  • Answered support emails and merged duplicate accounts that were preventing users from signing in to freeCodeCamp
  • Met with Ahmad about adding the Algolia search bar to the forum theme
  • Met with Quincy and Beau to discuss the upcoming Python curriculum projects
  • Met with Servicebot team and got our subscription active and updated.
  • Met with Quincy and Ahmad for donate page QA.
  • Pushed donate page to production.