Status Nov 14, 2019

Today I’m working on the email blast and reaching out to each person who applied to become a Subforum Leader.

I am also working to get caught up on all emails (that daytrip to Houston for the Changelog interviews really threw off my schedule :slight_smile:


I worked on reviewing multiple issues, prs, and submitted small redirect pr.
and spend the rest of the day working on the forum UI.

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Hey everyone! Not ready to leave my status yet - still morning here :slight_smile: - but just wanted to say hey in the Forum.

Today I’m working on reloading buffer with a bunch of posts to get me through to Monday+, helping authors with their stories, and I’ll start spending more time on the forum per my chat with Quincy yesterday. I’m excited to get to know it better.

Hope everyone has a productive day. I’ll check back in here later.

This is a genius idea @QuincyLarson! Now everything is in threads and properly archived to catch up right where you left it. Why did we not think of this earlier :slightly_smiling_face:.

My status:

Status for today:

  • Read through forum moderator and subforum moderator docs
  • Spent some time on the forum reading through the team/staff subforums and looking at recent comments on others
  • Responded to some emails and edited a couple new authors’ articles
  • Reloaded buffer through Monday
  • Posted to Instagram and went through twitter

This is really a great idea to update here:)


  • talked with a new contributor about Python video translation and reviewed part of his work
  • published articles on WeChat account every workday and some of them also published on other big accounts (e.g. VS Code Chinese community publishing our popular article)
  • answered questions on Zhihu and other communities, keeping introducing our learning resource and linking to our forum
  • sent some flyers and roll-up banners to some big events as invited for publicity
  • edited new articles published on News
  • reviewed articles and translated a bit