Stay motivated while programming

How to stay motivated while programming.I am easily getting distracted.I am not able to write even a single program on my own.

Unfortunately there’s no magic answer that will fix that for you.

And to an extent it could be said for anything in life that is difficult and require effort.
“How people can follow a diet?”
“How do you go to the gym every day?”
“How do you practice piano daily?”

Per my personal experience aiming for motivation is doom to fail. Eventually motivation will fade, priority will change, and life happens.

So you should always aim for continuity. The power of habits.
There’s a popular resource that aims to help in this regards, it’s called
100 days of code.

Hope this helps :sparkles:

You have to learn how to program before you can start coding! And learning takes time. If you are trying to learn something new that requires patience and diligence, then you are not going to succeed right away. So do not get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep at it, stick to your goals, and continue to strive towards your dreams. check this number