Step 14 where i need to put an attribute _blank

I cannot pass step 14 where to put in an attribute with the value of _blank

Ive tried many times.

I need help to pass the step

Hi @Nkonzo ,
When asking questions please follow the steps of when checking your code and it does not pass try the Read-Search-Ask method.
Before making a new post please see if your question has already been answered on the forum.

If after reading you still do not find the answer, then click the Create help post on the forum button.
This will automatically set the post to the section you are in. (Which currently we don’t know from your post).
Next copy and paste ALL of your code between three beginning backticks and three ending backticks. ( `Backtick located on your keyboard to the left of your 1 button 1)
This is all for your benefit, so we can help you and this method is for all lessons going forward.


Please see if this post helps Read this if you need to understand HTML elements and attributes - #2 by hbar1st

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