Step 17 hint on Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu gets clipped

Just to raise feedback!:blush:

Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 17

I had to make the mistake of submitting code and finding out what the full value for the content property was in order to see what I was missing. For some reason, the instructions box is clipping the full detail of the value and it’s not scrollable.

You wouldn’t be using a mac by any chance, would you? We recently had someone on a mac who wasn’t seeing scrollbars in the code examples and it had to do with an OS setting on their computer. Here’s a link to the solution just in case this fits you.

How to Show Missing Scroll Bar on Mac

If this isn’t you then please let us know what device and OS you are using.

Ha, that’s curious. Indeed, I’m on mac!

I don’t think the problem was specifically with the scroll bar not being displayed, but mostly with the field not being able to scroll at all (I tried scrolling horizontally with my trackpad over the example to see if it was masked but nothing happened), so I thought it was more an issue with the field itself rather than with the scrolling bar, because sliding with the trackpad should do the same as using the scroll bar (right?).

However, I was able to find the full hint when I got corrected and could successfully pass that step :blush:

Thanks @bbsmooth ! I’ll still take a look at that article

The other person was also having trouble scrolling when using their trackpad. I don’t have a mac so I’m not an expert on this, but definitely look at that article and make sure your settings are correct so that the scrollbars are always showing.

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