Step 43 - New Responsive Web Design

Step 43

Now that you know it works, you can change the remaining article and p elements to match the first set. Start by adding the class item to the other article elements.

Hey guys I am really confused as to what is being required here.

Here is my code so far below

            <p>Caramel Macchiato</p>
        <item = "class">

The error message I am getting back is “You should only have five .item elements.”


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This is an orphaned attribute/value pair, and it is backwards. You need to add the class attribute to the opening article tag.

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sorry guys its this one.

Can you start me off please? really stuck on this one.


<article ="item">
            <p>Caramel Macchiato</p>



I cannot write the code for you, no.

This is not valid syntax.

A tag has a basic format that you have seen on the previous Steps:

<element attribute="value"> </element>

You cannot set the name of the element (article in this case) equal to some value.

got it thank you. theres no need to be curt though.

I am sorry I came across as ‘curt’. It has been my experience that including lots of extra words in my replies that are unrelated to the issue with the code can confuse some users. Being direct and clear gets better results than being fluffing out my replies with lots of words.

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