Step 6 need help

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  <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
  <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
  <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
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Challenge: Step 6

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give all of these tags two spaces from left

I dont get what you mean

please explain further on step 6

it should be like that above

should i repeat the same code below it??

no you should replace it with the code from main opening tag to closing tag with that

this is the opening tag

Cat Photos

Click here to view more cat photos.

i should replace this tag ?

Cat Photos


to make the code easy to read we make give the children of an element some space, for example the p is the child of the div, so we add the space before the tag. but if the p is a sibling if the div we keep it at the same line.

in this example the p is a child of the div so we add space before the p

in this example the p is a sibling of the div so we keep them in the same line

having issue with the image tag

having issue with step 12

Step 12 Turning “cat photos” into a link

only the cat photos?
or any other changes?

yes only the cat photos, make sure you do not change anything else for this test to pass

having issue with step 14

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