Step 65-How am I wrong?!

    <p>Visit our<a href=""</a> website</p>

This does not look like valid syntax.

It works in the preview but fails. And I’ve also moved the anchor around…put it before ALL text. Failed.

Also, are anchors self-closing?

The preview is one indicator you can use but it will not always make you aware of syntax mistakes.

The browser code is written to try to compensate for bad html. (They will try their best to display what you want even if the tag is malformed). So that is why you may not see the issue there.

I suggest you update your post by providing
1- a link to the original exercise in FCC
2- the full text of your code

They are not self-closing. You need a start tag and an end tag and something in between so that the browser can turn it into a link (the thing in between becomes a link)

Ok. I thought so. thx

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Step 65

Inside the footer, add a p element. Then, nest an anchor (a) element in the p that links to and has the text Visit our website.


Sorry, your code does not pass. Try again.


Your new a element should be nested within your new p element. You should have exactly one a element.

I figured it out

Visit our website

After the web address 2nd quotation mark there has to be a closing ‘>’ before the text AND a closing tag ‘’.

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