Step 84 HTML-CSS what's going on?

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I think step 84 has a bug, please take a look below:

Step 84

To keep with the same color theme you have already been using (black and brown), change the color for when the link is visited to black and use brown for when the link is actually clicked.

And this is my code:

a:active {
  color: brown;

a:visited {
  color: black;

and it did not pass, what’s going on?

Here is a link to the challenge:

I have tested it on my end it is passing for me.

Have you tried other browsers?
Do you have any browser extensions that could be messing with the test like dark mode?

I changed to light mode, and tried both chrome and safari, both not working, is there anything else I can do? Thanks for helping me out

I would try resetting the lesson and submitting your code again.

I am trying to replicate your issue on my end but it keeps passing for me.

Maybe you need to triple check to make sure all extensions are off.
Or maybe try an incognito window.

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