Sticky Header-images go over instead of under

Hi guys,

I’m about 1/4 of the way done with the portfolio challenge and I wanted to use a sticky header which was simple enough. However, now I cannot figure out how to get the images to go under the header when I scroll instead of over. The images are the only content that goes over them. I’ve also had some issues with my images in general. I hope they show up when you open the PEN. For some reason they show up for me sometimes but other times they error like they can’t be found. Any advise for these two issues would be great! prevents Codpen from hot-linking to their images (part of there TOS), so I can not see any of your images.

The reason your sticky div is beneath the images, is the z-index of the sticky should be higher than the other elements. Try putting z-index: 1; in your .sticky definition.