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Hello to everyone!

All the feedback for my Personal Portfolio Page are highly appreciated.




ok there seems to be a problem … when i open it i see large white area under header with a small icon in the center of screen … so decided to go into dev tools and have a look … found a div with text in it but the color was set to white so wasnt showing up on screen (Hellow world my Name is) plus same with other text in that area. Think the main problem is you intended to have a image as a background for this div and white text … but i think you background image is not showing up because you havent wrapped the url in " " … i think also same problem in section under portfolio (not text but image)

page looks good from what i see and is responsive … but on mobiles sizes it over flows a lot so you either need to find out whats causing the over overflow or set overflow to hidden in css

will look again when you let me know about the text image thing

Hi, John! Thanks a lot.

Yes, you are absolutely right. The thing is that I prepared the Portfolio in Sublime Text locally on my computer so it wasn’t a problem to set my pics as a background. When it came to Codepen I included the links to my Google Photo Album (as I can’t upload them to Codepen, it’s possible only for Professional version). And of course everything works good in my Chrome both on desktop and mobile.

But when I opened my pen in Mozilla I saw it with your eyes. I am trying to resolve the issue now and will let you know when I finish.

what i do in codepen for images is … i created a repository on github named it photos and put my photos there … then i get the address from git hub and use that on codepen.


Thanks, John.

I’ll consider this for future projects.
Hope I’ve resolved the issue for now, you may check if you want to…Portfolio pen

yep that worked … looks really nice … works well
couple of points … one when on small screens and using hamburger it would be nice if the drop down menu went back up and hid when you made your choice
on the smallest mobile size you have a little overflow … i think from the size of your text in the home screen … but other than that really nice.

Hi there.

Thanks for looking at my portfolio page. I am not an expert but here are some tips I used when building my page:

  1. Make your portfolio as simple as you can

  2. Use the skills and technologies you have already learned (you have to understand basics of HTML, CSS and JS)

  3. Apply some framework (I used Bootstrap )

  4. You should understand every code line in case you are building your page on the basis of a template. Otherwise you won’t be able to modify it.

  5. Take your time to prepare your original pics and content or to find ones on the Internet.

Good luck!

Looks really good IIya.

This looks really good man. Well done

Nice one.
Nav links are bit iffy. I would put on your todo.

  • add background-color to nav so readable
  • add onclick listener to nav items and add or remove the class active

Very nice design. I found no obvious problems. :grinning:

When your site is at full size, the portfolio thumbs are not centered, as a group. At smaller screen sizes, they are centered. Also, at smaller screen sizes, your social icons stack up and I feel it looks odd. There’s room for them to be in a row. Otherwise, I thought the design and responsiveness was nice. Well done!

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Hi! Weel done! I would have added a background to the navbar, and also a scrollspy effect.

Hi visited your portfolio page. Its really cool and creative of ya…

I like the colour scheme on you portfolio page, nice job!

thanks a lot, collinsGTR!

Thank you, nibukdk! Appreciate it.

Thanks, man! I saw your tribute page. Also liked the colors you’ve chosen!

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Thank you, janschreiber. There is always smth to improve)

Thank your for your feedback, winterfive.Really appreciate it. I’m working to improve the bags.