Stock price checker always fails tests

in the challenge >Stock Price Checker< the tests seem to fail always, even if the actual tests in app succeeds, is there any one who managed to get them to work, any help would be appreciate

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Challenge: Stock Price Checker

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Is the NODE_ENV set to true in .env file? That is required for functional tests results to be accessed from the outside.

than you for your response, yes the NODE_ENV is set to ‘test’ to satisfy
if(process.env.NODE_ENV===‘test’) but my procees.env variables seem to be all Undefined so i forced the if statement if(process.env.NODE_ENV===‘test’ || true) this way i execute all the tests, results:
Listening on port undefined
Running Tests…

Functional Tests
GET /api/stock-prices => stockData object
====== { stockData: { stock: ‘goog’, price: 2225.55, likes: 0 } }
✓ 1 stock (1590ms)
------- { stockData: { stock: ‘goog’, price: 2225.55, likes: 1 } }
✓ 1 stock with like (291ms)
______ {}
✓ 1 stock with like again (ensure likes arent double counted) (119ms)
++++++++ {
stockData: [
{ stock: ‘msft’, price: 249.07, likes: 0, rel_likes: 0 },
{ stock: ‘spot’, price: 273.3, likes: 0, rel_likes: 0 }
✓ 2 stocks (248ms)
******** {
stockData: [
{ stock: ‘msft’, price: 249.07, likes: 1, rel_likes: 0 },
{ stock: ‘spot’, price: 273.3, likes: 1, rel_likes: 0 }
✓ 2 stocks with like (372ms)

5 passing (3s)
but when i submit the live project link every thing passes except for the last test_phase

Just to make sure, it needs to be set in the newly created file named .env (that’s literally the name).

yes sample.env
DB = # here goes the mongo conection string from atlas
thank you again.
ps there is always require(‘dotenv’).config(); at the top

Not sample.env, it should be named literally .env that’s (dot)-e-n-v.

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yes it works
well i m using replit it does not have any .env so i exported the entire thing to glitch.
thank you so mutch :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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