Strange behavior on Iphone 6/7 of Wikipedia App Viewer

I have attached two images, the first is from an iphone 6 and the second from an android device, xiaomi. When you click the search on iphone the images become bigger and out of screen, and u can zoom out after it happens and everything goes back to normal. I just can’t figure out what might cause it.

Here is the project on codepen:

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

hey, ios zooms on an active input field if font-size is less than 16px. try increasing font size and it should stop.

That does make sense, thanks a lot. I assume you are talking about the font size of the input search field only, right?

sorry for the delay - yea that’s right. The size of the text entered by the user :v:

Thanks a lot, fixed it! Saved me from further frustration on google-ing this matter.