Strange White box area To the right of my page 2 image - Would love some help

I’ve got this weird white space next to my page 2 image. I tried margin-right:auto; and margin-left:auto; the pageTwo{} section but this didnt seem to do anything.

Also it appears there is some type of link behind the pageTwo image. Not sure why this is happening.

Heres my project link -

why is your #p2 inside .btn.btn-default?

@pseudop interesting… I just went into the code and I was not able to locate what you are referring to. I loaded the code into note pad and searched for #p2 but the only two that came up did not seem to be located inside of a btn btn-default. , if I am missing something I apologize in advance. I’ve only been at this for a couple weeks and its pretty overwhelming. Thanks for your insights!

Am I missing something in regards to the #p2 inside of btn btn default?

that’s normal, there are also days where you’ll find your code not working anymore when twas just working fine before. be wary of ninjas.
nvmd that, here are some other concerns:

  • you’re missing a viewport meta tag
  • your external css is inside header instead of head
  • validate your html for other issues

happy coding sugar bear :beers:

yea the interesting thing is that the issue with the white box was somehow solved on its own. I never made any changes to it and I came back the next day and it was totally solved. strange. I thought maybe a ninja came in and fixed it for me. I would have liked to have fixed it myself