Struggling with Java Script

My learning process is visual. I received an AOS in Computer Science in 1995, unfortunately, with the exception of C++, most languages I learned are gone with the dinosaurs. The freeCodeCamp test area has a box below that says:

  • Your test output will go here
    Unfortunately, it has only worked once or twice. How do I get it to work everytime so I can see what my code is doing and better understand it? Another option, how can I link my JS code to an HTML file so I can see it using Visual Studio? Thank you all in advanced.

Check out this link for running JS code through VSC.

The JS code in the challenges doesn’t need to be run through an HTML file since they aren’t doing any DOM manipulation.

You can use console.log() if you want to view the results in that section. while it si not required for the tests to pass but for testing your code you can use that.

Do you mean to see the JS result inside VS code?

On the console.log() Thank you for that.
For the second part, yes I would like to be able to run the assignments through VS Code so I can visualize the problem before submitting it to freeCodeCamp.

You don’t need to link JS to HTML for running these challenges.
The article shared by @bbsmooth will help you run JS in VS Code. However, you will need to install Nodejs or install the said extension.

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