Stuck, any advice?

So i’ve been debating whether to post this or not. i always come to the forum and read other people’s threads but never thought to post myself. i always see other campers getting help and advice from others. and it just dwelled on me that “hey i’m a camper too!”. anyways i haven’t told anyone besides my wife about my goal of teaching myself to code. but besides her nobody else knows so it can feel like i’m doing this alone with no proper guidance. so that is why i’m coming to you. maybe a more experienced camper can shed some wisdom or anyone for that matter that is having an easier time learning code. i’m currently in the basic algorithm section of the front end cert. i did stop to further my understanding for JavaScript with other online resources. here is where i’m stuck. i feel like i’m learning what a for loop is, global scope, arrays etc… and i know what they are. but that’s all i seem to be doing is relearning the same concepts. i don’t mind that i like learning it. what i’m trying to express is how can i break pass this? what can i do to use what i’m learning. and i know “build some projects!” i came to this as well. but every time i open up my text editor and place my hands over the keyboard…nothing. absolutely nothing. and that’s where i stand. i have nothing but motivation and dedication towards this goal and i wont give up on it. i want to feel proactive with the things i learn instead of the opposite. i think i rambled on enough. thank you for your time.

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@Eudysperalta723 It is good to return over the same content multiple times to put it into long term memory but the best way to do it is like people say. Put it to use. I would recommend going over this first course. On every lesson code it then push your code to GitHub. This will get you used to coding along on tutorials and to push code to GitHub.

To see an example of what I mean checkout my own GitHub repository for a Udemy course:

This first course is very good but if you really want to push beyond mediocrity then go into the second course and do the same thing. Learning the same concepts from different teachers will be beneficial. Also they both are project based courses.

Google “Udemy coupons” for the cheapest price of Udemy courses. Currently FYY1201 for $9.99 which is valid until Feb 15th.

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thank you for taking your time to give me advice, just so you know i took it! i bought both of them and going to give it my best. again thank you!

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Get unstuck fast… Don’t think do.
When working on a new project… You will need good test data. Start building that. You will use it and at least you will be moving ahead.
When stuck on a solution then flowchart your current logic.
Get your wife involved. It is always great to have someone to explain your dilemma to.
I would bounce ideas off a coder friend and often find my solution in the explaining of it. Later he told me that he sometimes wasn’t listening. Just a good sounding board.

What really help’s me in learning is to take notes, but I only start writing something down when I fully understand the concept. Then I am writing in my own words, clarifying things in a way that I know I’ll understand in the future. If I start writing and I can’t summarize, I know I don’t get it.

This helps in a few ways. 1. Slows you down and makes you take longer in digesting the information. 2. It’s been said by physically writing with your hand you retain information better. 3. You have a reference guide of all the concepts you know you’ve learned.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m pretty much the same way. Unless I already have a project or thing I want to test out in mind, I can’t just sit down at my code editor and randomnly do something.
Which is why I keep an eye out for practice projects on the web. Here’s two pretty large lists of JS projects you can work through:

Now there’s probably some repeated projects in there but I think they’re good places to start with actually utilizing the concepts we’re learning in a practical way.

If you really want to put yourself through the wringer, check out Codewars and specifically the JS katas. I’ve been just working through the lowest level ones and it’s been humbling in terms of me realizing what I really know vs what I think I knew. Which is apparently not much :laughing:
It can be really frustrating, but I find as I’m working through fundamental JS exercises there I’m learning new concepts and getting an idea of how to use them.