Stuck on applying javascript

Hi folks,
On FCC /learn - Ive worked thru all the responsive web design certification and done the projects, also done the “basic javascript modules”. Ive done some small stuff myself, watched the full youtube videos for HTML , CSS and Javascript.

Im looking to build my own projects using javascript, but everything is… more complicated than my small brain can handle! Ive got a fairly simple budget site in the works, but i cant get it to take user input and place the user input within a table - so im struggling with applying javascript to real world projects! Watching tutorials and coding one liners on edabit and FCC is fairly simple, im struggling with building a real project.

In my learning materials i see lots of chunks of javascript code, but no way to see a real world problem, strip it down and solve it using Javascript? where do i begin? ive never coded anything in my life before learning HTML :laughing:

Ive bought the book by Jon duckett (Javacript and JQuery) and ive bought (but im waiting on) “A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript:” by Mike Myers. J Duckett gives me great code snippets, but i cant apply them easily to the real world problems.

I tried looking where in the current curriculum your question is addressed and I’m not surprised you’re confused. The Responsive Web Design module is all about HTML and CSS and the JavaScript one is about the basics of programming with JavaScript. What you’re lacking is the bit about connecting the two, DOM manipulation. DOM stands for Document Object Model and it’s how the web page is represented in JavaScript.

The Front-End Libraries module addresses DOM manipulation with jQuery. You can skip the Bootstrap part for now since it’s purely CSS-related.

Or you can just use the standard DOM API but I haven’t found much about it in the curriculum. You can use MDN’s Introduction to the DOM as a starting point. Alternatively I’m pretty sure there are tons of other tutorials online.

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so… maybe im rushing!?? ill look into the front end modules later tonight. Im trying to build my own projects to really get to know the language, but JS is a different beast to HTML and CSS, so maybe i need to learn a bit more before i crack on,
thanks mate,

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