Stuck on random quote machine

this is my codepen
my issue is actually getting the api loaded to the pen

$(document).ready(function() {
 $.getJSON("", function(json) {
var quote = json.quoteText; 
var author = json.quoteAuthor;
$(".quoteText").text("'" + quote + "'" );
$(".quoteAuthor").text("-"+ author +"-" );
<div class="col-md-3">
    <div class="quoteText"></div>
    <div class="quoteAuthor"></div>

Change javascript as above and add html where you wanna quotes
to appear and its working as a charm.

Looking in the console, I saw some errors.

First it said that JQuery needs to be loaded before Bootstrap in the JS, so go to settings/javascript/add external javascript and make sure that JQuery is first (you can use quick load). Then I was getting a an error because tether wasn’t loaded so I manually loaded “”. Then I added bootstrap. I guess it needs to be in that order. With that in place, I good the data with this code:

$(document).ready(function() {
  console.log("in doc ready");
  $("#getQuote").on("click",function getData(quote,author){
    console.log("in click");
              function(json) {
      console.log("in getJSON ...");
      var quote = json.quoteText; 
      var author = json.quoteAuthor;
      console.log("quote = " + quote);
      console.log("author = " + author);
      // $(".quoteText").html("<p>"+ quote+"<p>" );
      // $(".quoteAuthor").html( "-"+ author +"-" );

You need to have the two JQuery lines at the end point somewhere, but the data shows up in the console, so it’s working.

Forked this, fix styles ::

Hi I am stuck at the same Challenge and I have used your feedback to check if mine has similar problems. I am having an Undefined issue and since I am new to Javascript I am confused as what is Undefined. I have all my var in place. I have checked on stack overflow and the suggestion of using window.load() was not clear. Any pointers will be most welcome.
here is my code pen link:

Usually undefined means that you have declared your variable but have not yet assigned it a value. Can you try using a default value before trying anything more difficult.

If you’re getting an error such as net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE in the console and you’re using Chrome it is because of a recent update. I am not an expert in any way, but I just finished this challenge and the source api was my biggest problem. I too tried forismatic but got this error. I believe it is to do with the certificate on the api end and not something we can fix. I just kept googling quote api until I found one which worked with my version of chrome.

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Thanks. I think that’s it I have not assigned it a value. Ooh my Thank you.

I was reading about exactly this yesterday :grin:

thanks everyone it is working for me now!

The quote generator is now working and the article was really helpful and am keeping it until I get my JavaScript straight. Thanks:slight_smile:

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