Stuck on task 44 of A2 English for Developers (Beta)

Hello, I’m stuck on task 44 of A2 English for Developers (Beta)
Learn Greetings in your First Day at the Office…this is the sentence I must complete: “Thanks.______is so nice around here.”, and I could swear that the word he pronounces and that I have to put in is “everybody” but it won’t accept it. And I have no idea what other word I can put in there. Thank you very much.

You are close

Remember that this is technically the beginning of a sentence.
So casing matters.

First words of sentence start with a capital letter.

Once you fix that then it will pass

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It was really nonsense. I hadn’t seen the dot, I thought it was a comma, thank you.

Thanx .I was stuck with that too :slight_smile: