Stucked in step 14 of Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App

Hello guys, I am presently stucked in step 14.
I have tried all I could within my capacity as a beginner in coding to get the anchor tags well nested in the paragraph tag but I keep getting the code wrong with every attempt. Please I really need an urgent help to pass this stage.
I have uploaded the error message I have been getting in every attempt I have tried to fix it.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi there! Please never share your code as a screenshot. How to do it properly:
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Thanks there!.
Please also help with a solution with my present difficulty .
How do I get the correct code ?

Share the code with your attempt and then it will be possible to help you with fixing it

<p> see more. <a href=""> cat photos</a>in our gallery</p>h

You’re still sharing your code incorrectly, check this link more carefully
There are backticks for your convenience ( ``` )

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I think from the screenshot it seems like you should add a target = "_blank" to the a tag there.

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Theres more to fix than just what the above suggests. You should not have a . after the word “more” and you also need to add a space after your closing anchor tag </a>

Also you need a . after the word gallery

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There’s the article with examples you may find helpful:

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you should added "target=_blank " in “a” tag