Study Group Leader forum role

I mean I’ll be happy to moderate but I don’t really need these elevated privileges.

What do you mean? Have I managed to accidentally select something I shouldn’t have here?

This was no accident. Last year, FCC did a initiative to create study group specific sub-forums and I happen to be a study group leader for the Columbus area. Therefore we ended up getting admin rights

Again I’ll be happy to stick around and moderate but that’s up to you guys (and gals)

Ah, I see. Sorry, I didn’t realise that at all, I just assumed you’d been a moderator for ages! Probably post in the staff part of the forum I to discuss it, I’m not sure who has the level of privilege in the system that would have added your elevated privileges in the first place.

Probably @QuincyLarson

To be clear, you don’t have admin-level rights – but you do have the highest trust level:

I granted this to you not only because you were running a study group (and once the pandemic is over, we’re planning to relaunch our study groups using our new Chapter software), but also because I have a high degree of confidence in your judgement.

If you don’t want these abilities, I can remove them from you, but I don’t personally think it’s necessary to do so :slight_smile:

You have the ability to take action if you see something going wrong here on the forum.

I prefer to keep the trust level. I want to help where I can on the forum but I’m no longer a leader of the study group in Columbus (which you already know about)

There are plans to start a new one in a smaller town just south of Columbus called Circleville. I believe that having a physical presences in that area would be good for the community. But it all depends if I execute and have the energy to run it.

Can we move this discussion to the staff part of the forum rather than my personal messages? Important discussion, but I don’t have any say over this whatsoever, so I’m bowing out, I can’t really be of any use.

I don’t know if I have access to the staff forum

Should be a category like this if you can see it?

I assumed you’d just have those permissions automatically, but if you can’t access it, I’ll put a post up there to ask that permissions be added

I do not see in the categories.

:+1: I’ll pop a request up in there now

I moved this to Staff and then noticed that @DanStockham doesn’t have either the Admin or Moderator role. Since there isn’t anything sensitive in this topic, I just made it public in Support.

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Cheers @ArielLeslie – got waylaid by work before I could post in Staff forum regarding this, but this solution is easier.

I mean I’ll be happy to moderate but I don’t really need these elevated privileges.

Could you elaborate a little bit more on the concern?

I am a little unsure if you are pointing out that the role lacks enough trust to warrant the actions or you mean this could potentially lead to an accidental action by a mod?

discussion has continued here as Dan does not have access to #staff : Study Group Leader forum role

This accidentally got split from the rest of the discussion (smooshed back together now). I don’t think that there actually was any action required on this.

Thanks @ArielLeslie, so this can be closed right?