Studying approach for a guy that MIGHT be a slow learner

It took me about three months to finish Responsive Web Design Course with a assumed grade of “C+”(meaning I got it, but didn’t get it well enough).

Now I am going through the Basic Javascript Course. I wake up two hours before work and do one hour of Javascript studying and one hour of slowly going through Responsive Web Design again and building my own things based off the things I have reviewed.

I don’t think the Javascript is hard so far per say. But I did run into some projects that I didn’t understand. Javascript requires thinking, I suppose; or it may be in the wording of the questions being asked. I don’t play card games, so I didn’t get the Black Jack Card question that well. I almost got it. I knew I had to use “switch”. I had stopped there and started learning it over again via the FFF 3 hour javascript course on youtube.

One day a week(on Wednesdays) I spend time reading a book about programming(“Beginner’s Step-by-step Coding Course”, by DK) looking at the HTML and CSS through that, and I also go through another book(“Learning Electronics Through Raspberry Pi”) just for fun because I have a background in Electronics, so it is easy.

On Saturdays, I spend time going through the Foundations course on TOP, and going through the FCC Linux for Beginners course on youtube.

Personally, I don’t feel overwhelmed, but is it too much learning? Should I just focus on absolutely one thing?


Unfortunately, there is no one magic answer that works for everyone. Everyone learns differently, and you know how you learn better than we do. What works for some may not work for you, and what works for you may not work for someone else. In my opinion though, it seems like you are jumping around way too much. I think its better to stick to one topic, get a good understanding and the move on from there. Again, you know yourself better than anyone here, and if you think what you are doing is working for you then keep it going. I like the fact that you get up before work and work on this stuff for a few hours because a lot of people dont take it that far.

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Yeah, I think I am sticking to one topic. Which is Front-end Web development, which requires me to have a good understanding of Git hub, Linux system, HTML, CSS and Javascript right? That’s pretty much all I stick to This website is my main source, I just go to others for reinforcement. I don’t want to learn anything outside of this circle yet though. No studying Python, C, C++ etc, just stick to this big three for now. Also, it is pretty much all that I do. No bars, no games, etc. Though later I may need to get my life back balanced once again.

Keep going. Nothing is beyond your understanding. The process takes time. Have faith in yourself, and you will continue to grow.

I promise.

most people fall in this category.

When you are learning something new for the first time you probably won’t get most of it.
But that is ok.
It takes time and a lot of practice before you start understanding a lot of it on a deeper level.

You have mentioned linux a few times and I want to say that you don’t need to be expert in order to land your first junior dev role. A basic understanding is fine.
Once you are on the job, you will be learning a ton more.
So don’t feel like you need to learn all of that right now.

As long you understand the basics of git and github in addition to have a good foundation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then you will be ready for a junior developer role.

The main thing as a self taught developer is to build projects that you can later showcase to employers.

It sounds like you are on the right path.
Just keep moving forward.

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Your approach sounds fine to me. Keep your learning consistent/daily but not overwhelming, so 1-2 hours a day at most sounds right.

thank you for your feedback. I am just going to keep learning Linux because I like it. My curiosity leads me to it. Studying it is not to taxing on time and my brain for me right now. I play in it for thirty minutes a day during my work break. Can be counted as playing a video game if you know what I mean.

thank you for your feedback

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