Sudoku Solving Bot

I am trying to make something that can solve any n x n sudoku board. However, the function doesn’t particularly matter, as my question is about vertical spacing. Here is the link:

I have tried a bunch of things to remove the vertical spacing between my divs. Examples:

  • Set the margin to 0.
  • Set the padding to 0.
  • Set display to block.
  • Set vertical-spacing to bottom.

Any help is appreciated, even help involving what I’ve already done, as I could have missed something. Thank you.

Like a calculator face you’d be better off using grid for the layout.

As a general rule of thumb, use Flexbox for a single axis (either X or Y) layout, CSS Grid for a 2-axis layout.

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Interesting, thank you so much for the suggestion!

Can’t say for sure if it worked yet, will test it tomorrow.

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