Suggestions for an eCommerce website

Hi ,

I have a project which is a basic eCommerce website. I created it just in order to learn so it should not get online or be in anyway real website it is just a project which i want to learn from.

Right now the website is done as a Front-end , but does not have any kind of Back-end. Its works as a static website which you can go and check products but buying things is not possible!

So i am thinking of building something like a small database or server for it which allow me to create some users and let them buy things on the website, Also to transfer some texts between the website and users automatically about their product. I want all of these process take place in a single local database or server.

My problem is am not sure which language would be the best choice for that to use it as a back-end language ??

Also which database or server should i use to create that environment for my website ???

i would really appreciate any suggestions or solutions,


Hello, Dani.

That is a very open question. Obviously, I might be biased in saying go the MongoDB route with Nodejs, seeing as those are taught in the freeCodeCamp Curriculum.

That being said, it might be easier to help if you could explain what you are already familiar with?

Well i tried to leave the question open in order to make you guys suggest things based on your ideas and knowledge.

Well i already have worked on Python and Sqlite but still am a at my first steps, so i can tell i have basic knowledge but not super great.

I am already trying to learn PHP but i do not feel really good with or comfortable with it !!

So overall i can say am kindda lost !