Suggestions for Best HTML-CSS IDE

Hi All,
I wanted to find out what IDE you would recommend for HTML/CSS and Why?

You’re not the first to ask this question. And everyone who answers this question is only giving you their opinion. You can either try the one that comes up as the most popular hit when you enter this in a search term or you can try one or three yourself and see which one meets your needs and which one you find to be user friendly for your style of coding.

Another way of saying this is do you follow a sports team because they’re the one everyone else follows? Or do you follow a team because they’re the ones that match your values and what you respect.

The IDE that most use here is the one that gets the most noise. It’s not the one I use when I code locally.
The IDE I use at work is one that’s not mentioned here but one that has a lot of respect otherwise.
You’ll get as many answers as if you asked which is your preferred OS, Windoze, Mac or Linux


Hi Roma,
Thanks, I figured as much. I was really asking to get an idea if there was any consensus. I mainly wanted to goof around with some of the suggestions. :wink:
I use Linux and have found Bluefish editor really simple and good for my needs but I am always curious.

The most popular free IDE is VS Code. It works on all operating systems and is surprisingly full-featured for something free. It’s not perfect. There are more purpose built tools specifically designed for building web pages. There are editing environments that you can use online. There is a diversity of opinion on whether you should bother with figuring out a whole IDE for smaller projects or just use a syntax aware text editor.

Try a few things. See what you like. Know that you’ll end up using different tools over time, and don’t worry about it too much.