Beginner Project

Hello Everyone,
This might be a silly question, but I would like to start an HTML and CSS project but I am Not sure where to start one on my own. Does anyone have any IDE recommendations or other applications I should use to start a project to help me learn?

You don’t need an IDE, just a text editor. Literally the notepad on your computer will work, but you’ll want syntax highlighting and probably autocomplete etc; VSCode is normally what will be recommended here.

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You can start by using Atom or VSCode. Both of these are excellent IDEs imo.
The UI might seem intimidating at first, so I recommend having a look at their documentation or looking up tutorial videos on Youtube.

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Thank you guys so much.

I’d be a little wary of recommending Atom – the team has said they’ll continue to keep it updated, but now there is one company having to maintain two very similar, complex text editors, and it doesn’t seem realistic that they’ll continue to concentrate on actively supporting the one that isn’t a core offering. It’ll still work, but it’s likely that plugins will start to stop being updated as the community shrinks (this has already been happening for a while), and the core will start to fall behind.


That is some good information - I currently use Atom, but I guess it’s time to consider making the switch.