Which IDE do you recommend?

Hi there!
I downloaded VS Code on my MacB Pro but I can’t managed to open the browser, there’s always a failed message.
Do you have alternative options?
Where do you train when you’re not on freecodecamp?

Thank you

here is ok for html css

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What do you mean open the browser? Visual code doesn’t open at all for you? It’s the most popular editor right now, so it’s probably quite possible for you to use it on your machine.

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repl.it, codepen, gitpod…

Also, using a sandbox like gitpod I avoid screwing up my own computer if something goes wrong with installing stuff etc. And I can pick up exactly where I left off on any machine.

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Codepen to practice concepts. Brackets/VS Code for projects.

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I’m a beginner as well and I’ve tried seversl recently. Sublime, VS and atom are the ones I prefered. Atom is the one I seem to have adopted.

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I prefer VS Code with these extensions :

  1. esbenp.prettier-vscode
  2. formulahendry.auto-close-tag
  3. hex-ci.stylelint-plus
  4. dbaeumer.vscode-eslint
  5. naumovs.color-highlight
  6. DigitalBrainstem.javascript-ejs-support
  7. ritwickdey.LiveServer
  8. erikphansen.vscode-toggle-column-selection
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Hi there, yes when I opened the browser it used to not sync with everything I did. But I found a solution