Suggestions for tools to compile multiple scss file to css files

Hi i am looking for suggestions for a way to compile multiple scss files to css file. I am using node-sass for single entry and single output for scss and css . Is there a way to output multiple entry and output points. I cant find a good tutorial for it.

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if youre using node, and say your scss is in a folder called assets/scss

and say you wanted to compile it to your public folder

you can just run this command with sass assets/scss:public

this will compile everything in the scss folder to its own css file in public

scss docs

ahh i see thank you ! :smiley:

i wasnt aware about sass having a preprocessor command build in , by node-sass its actually a different package preprocessor from npm that compiles file thank you for the info.

I use Prepros, VSCode has some extensiom for it as well.