Compiling SCSS to CSS using GUI tools

Is it okay to just use GUI tools like codekit and prepros for compiling SCSS to CSS? Do you guys use it?

I use CodeKit to compile LESS files to CSS. Actually, Codekit does a lot more… it also does JSLinting, compressing image files, automatic browser refresh (also has server pass-through capability and local css overrides), auto-prefixing, minification, uglification, etc. all in a single package.

I’ve also used Web Compiler extensions for Visual Studio IDE for C#/NET projects, but I find it buggy and Codekit works better/more reliably.

But then, I work for myself. No management to tell me what to use. I am the management. If you’ll be working somewhere for someone else, then you may have no choice but to use your employer’s tools/workflow and learn how to set up their config files. But personally, I’ve used Codekit since 2013 for all my clients.

Cool, glad to know this :smiley:

I’ve found codekit to be annoying as it adds a .codekit file to your codebase. It’s a great tool don’t get me wrong, but some clients have gotten annoyed with the introduction of this file. Plus after a while you can’t do much on the free version without upgrading.

I’ve been using (free and open source) which does the exact same thing, minus a few bells and whistles. It’s definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to try a Sass -> CSS GUI.

If your just working by yourself, sure.

Note that if you’re working in a team, then this isn’t something you should need to think about: it should just happen automatically and you should never need to really see any CSS. Hence tooling exists to just do it automatically — for example, install node-sass, then run a command that looks something like sass -w myIputFile.scss myOutputFile in the project folder, then develop.

There is also Live Sass Compiler for VS Code.