Live Sass Compiler does not create compiled and minified files in the CCSS folder

Hi there! I am on my way to learning HTML/CSS. So sometimes I really cannot understand how to fix something or eve do I have to fix it.
For now I started to learn SASS.
Here is the main topic:
When I click in VSCode “Watch Sass” files “main.css” and “” create in scss folder. But as I understand they have to be in css folder.
I hope my explanation is clear.
Also when I asked about it I was told to change the code in “setting.json”. But I`m not sure if it’s correct?
Would appreciate any help! :face_in_clouds:

Hi there. I have a couple of questions. Number one, are you using a Visual Studio Code plugin for a live SASS compiler? Second question ,if so can you provide a link to that plugin? Thirdly do you mean settings.json instead of setting.json?

If the answer to the first and third question is yes, then this might be some help for you. It’s a page dealing with how to set the settings for the plugin.

Thank you so much for your answer :grin:
So yes, I really had to change the path in settings :handshake: