Sass always seems so nice to use but crashes on me often. Currently crashed and need to find fix

Hey everyone, Sass is awesome especially when used with BEM to keep your code nice and readable throughout.

However I find when I comment out large sections of the code it sometimes crashes Sass. Is this normal?

Right now in my main.css file I see a error message of,

“/* No CSS //# */”

Any idea easiest fix for this. All my sass files were working fine, commented some stuff out and then bam.

Would love if someone had an answer for this.


Hello @Dobs,

Can you test if the code crashes in and share the code there?
I could take a look.

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Hey there,

how do you convert from SASS to CSS?
Do you use codepen or a whole toolchain to do this?

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I tried but theres multiple components so its giving me error after error in codepen because the variables arent linked to anywhere.

Its in Visual Studio Code with the extension Live Sass Compiler.

I moved on from that last project I am actually back today because I am having the same issue with Sass annoying the hell out of me lol.

I looked and all my closing brackets seem to be in place as that’s usually an issue that could cause an error but in this case that doesn’t seem to be it.

It just says “error” in the bottom toolbar of VS Code. Is there anyway to look further into this to see what’s going on? Its so frustrating. Everything working fine then all the sudden it just stops compiling. I go to my body {} code block to try display: none and just get an error, that won’t even work.

Yeah, that sounds annoying.

There should be some logs in your VSCode config folder, e.g. for me on Linux something like this /home/yourusername/.config/VSCodium/logs/.

There should be something similar on Windows and Mac.

I use VSCodium, the default version should be something like VSCode, Code, Code-OSS.