Scss suddenly stopped working?

Hello everyone, I am having a strange issue with my portfolio. after deploying to my domain (which works just fine) my localhost:3000 is giving me an error message. No matter what I change it will give me this message. i even reverted back to a previous commit on my project and the issue is the same.

CSS error source-map information is not available at URL() declaration (found orphan CR, try removeCR option)

I have tried googling the error message, but found answers not related to what I am doing.
Has anyone had this error before?
Thank you for your expertise.

are you using codepen ??

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Oh sorry I forgot to link my github repo. I am doing this in vs code.

Hey there,

does your problem still exist?
Because you made some new commits and some packages are missing in the package.json, e.g. react-bootstrap.

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