Can we use SCSS and NPM without a framework?

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Is it possible to use SCSS and NPM without any framework?

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Sure, you can install and run it from the command line:

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The link to the SASS stylesheets is not working:

<link href="./sass/main.scss" rel="stylesheet" type="text/x-sass">

I think it is just possible with the Sass Live Compiler or is there another alternative?

Right, I’m no expert here, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but…

The browser can’t read Sass. They aren’t going to program every browser to read every CSS meta language out there. Browsers understand CSS.

How do you get your Sass into CSS? Two main ways come to mind:

  1. Run a command line script that goes and created CSS files off your SCSS files.
  2. Use some kind of bundler that will handle all of that for you and put it in a pretty package.

Ok I got it now. We need to add SASS Live Compiler in VSCode and then we need to add this code to the settings.json and the compiler will then create CSS files out of the SCSS files in a seperate folder.


  "liveSassCompile.settings.formats": [
      "format": "expanded",
      "extensionName": ".css",
      "savePath": "/css"

However I will just use CSS for this to keep it simple and that I can also use it without any extension. Anyways thank you!

Yeah, I guess that is a third option.

But I might look into use a bundler like webpack - there are a lot of other cool things you can do with it.

The Sass compiler is a binary executable; it’s just a self-contained program. You can run it from the command line, or integrate that command into other tools (VSCode, for example). As long as that program is available, you just give it a scss file and it generates some CSS.

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