Learn Sass alongside css?

Hello , I just wanted to ask if its alright to learn sass alongside css even if you are still not proficient with css and just know the basics?

Absolutely. In fact, you could still use pure CSS inside of your .SCSS files and it would be perfectly valid. SCSS/SASS just gives you a little more fire power (variables, mixins, logic, etc.) should you choose to use it :).

I personally don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. You certainly will want to know some css, but the syntax of scss files is similar to css…it can be seen as an extension of css. I think that the important thing is to recognize that there is a difference between the two and that while css is valid scss, scss is not valid css – scss needs to be compiled into css.

That’s what I am doing. Like the other guys have commented, if you use scss it makes life a little easier. Just have to decide what you want to use to compile it.

If you like SASS with brackets then no problemo. If you prefer bracket-less SASS then it could become difficult, well for me at least.

@spardol, I’m in your shoes for quite a while :wink: I can only say this, if you are still learning basics of CSS lay off SASS for a moment. For me introducing SASS alongside CSS was a bit overwhelming. In my mind using SASS is an extension, perfection you can say, of CSS skills :wink:

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Yup, learn just pure CSS for now, know first how to do it without using these transpilers. Then you’ll be able to more fully appreciate what LESS/SASS does. Plus, it doesn’t take long to learn LESS/SASS.

On OSX, I use CodeKit to compile/minify/compressed files. It watches my project directory and if any file changes, it recompiles it, then updates my browser automatically so the preview is instant. No need to Reload browser to see the new changes.

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Yeah, it’s more of the no brackets precedence. I need to see brackets.