Suggestions on projects to contribute to on Github

Lately I seem to have a lot of free time.

What projects might be receipt to contributions from someone that lacks professional software development experience? The software for this forum is on Github and accepts contributions, but it is a more complex project because it is fully featured. Are there any simpler projects that are looking for first time contributors that anyone is aware of?

Thank you.

Github added the “good first issue” label some time ago, there is also the “help wanted” label, not sure how useful this is to you but i just wanted to mention it.

search on label: “good first issue”

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Codetriage is an awesome source to find opensource projects. You can search by language and see how many issues are open. They send daily emails if you’re interested in looking at an issue each day or several depending on your time. Definitely a great resource to get into open-source. Good luck!

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Thank you @Ibaeni, It’s very great place to start with. I have subscribe to certain projects and let’s see how does it go. Cheers, Monika.