Suggestions re: first tribute page code pen project

Hi - I just finished the first codepen project of creating the tribute page. I’m wondering if someone could be so kind to review my code and provide suggestions. It feels a bit “Frankenstein” under the surface :slight_smile:

Not responsive on smaller screens 'cause, for one, wrapper’s height and width are set. If you want to learn more about responsiveness this early (which would be a fantastic move, preparing you for all projects to come), read through all Bootstrap documentation. For image responsiveness, again check out bootstrap documentation.
There are lots of sites for checking responsiveness, but I often use
Good job, though. Just keep going. It felt “Frankenstein” to me for several months.

Thank you so much, icartusacrimea! I appreciate your feedback and you taking the time to review the project and provide useful links! Happy new year! :smile:

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You’re welcome. Happy new year to you! :sparkles:

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