Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers - Freeze

Hi there!

I am currently solving the front-end algorithms for the freeCodeCamp certification and I have run into a problem. I have created this solution, which seems to be working in the Google Chrome console, but when plugged into the freeCodeCamp code editor, it seems to freeze the browser. I suspected it may be an infinite loop, but that wouldn’t explain why it works in the console. This is the code:

EDIT: The issue has been solved. Thank you!


How did you solve it?

I’m having a similar issue. By mistake, I accidentally ran the test for the 4,000,000th fibonacci number instead of the fibonacci number that is under or equal to 4,000,000. Now I can’t edit the code because FCC is automatically running the code when I open up the problem.

Is there a setting I can change somewhere so I can go in and delete the code?

I’ve solved it using this post. Took me a sec to find it:

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I’ve seen it freezes after typing few line of codes. I does not if nothing is typed though. I completed challange by pasting code after I test in codepen… Jist a quickfix