Technical Issue with the Chanllenge

Hi all, I have an issue that during working on a challenge of Sum All Fibonacci Numbers, I wrote the Code and when I ran it as a trail, the browser stopped working and every time I try to reload the page or to reset the code the same thing happens !! This is a screen shot of the code, I know it’s a disaster but it was a trial version

Could you have a loop that’s trying to run until infinity?

Edit: you used to be able to add &run=disabled to the URL to stop it from running and allowing you clear you browser’s cache…

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As @DarrenfJ said, you have to disable the loop protection. I had the same issue.

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I know this but I can’t get access to the code to disable it !! every time I open the challenge it stop works and I have to refresh the page and stop again. Can any admin or manager stop this issue?! H think the page is applying the code without my permission or order !!

Are you that it was the same ? and How did U solve it ?

freeCodeCamp stores the code you write in the browser’s Local Storage and executes it automatically when the page is reloaded. If you have an infinite loop in the code and //noprotect set, then the browser will hang. You need to clear your browser’s Local Storage. In Chrome you can click Tools -> Clear browsing data... -> select from the beginning of time, and make sure cookies and other site data is checked. Good luck.

Edit @DarrenfJ 's answer is simpler. Try this url:

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@Motardo Thanks for Helping :slight_smile:

@DarrenfJ I Love U <3 your Solution is brilliant :smiley: Thanks Buddy

Sorry, been away from the forum and missed this. but yah, as @Motardo mentioned the disable line is to be added to the URL in the browser and not to the code in the editor…

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