Sum of numbers + error if text entered

Hi all,
I am a beginner. I need to request a user to enter a number and do the sum of those numbers which I have but I also need to identify if the value entered is not a number and show an error message. Any help? I’m doing it with ‘for in’ loop.
I was thiking to do it as the substraction of the value entered minus the value entered should be zero, otherwise is not a number? But is there another way?

Show us some code, friend.

Thanks for responding so quickly Colin. This is what I have. I think I should check if it’s an enteger first, then show an error message, and if it is an enteger, then do the sum?

num = int(input("Please enter a number: "))

sum = 0

for value in range(1, num + 1):
    sum = sum + value

Assuming python:

if type(num) == int or type(num) == float:
    # It's a number
    # Not a number

If this is Python, you should post it in the Python-subforum.
Then for this kind of thing you’d use a “try-except” block.

It’s in python yes Jenovs.
I’ll try to incorporate that.

Thank you

Thank you Jagaya. Sorry about that. New to this.