Survey Form 16/17 bug?

Hi all!
The survey form example given by FCC has 16/17 test.

This is my pen:

No matter how I changed my codes, I could never get it to pass the 17/17 test. Anyone know where went wrong? I highly suspect it’s in my radio or checkbox section.

It is passing all the tests for the project on my setup. If the error persists for you, could you post the user story that is shown as not fulfilled.

That’s the thing… the user story doesn’t show up. Or am I not doing something? I analysed them (HTML, CSS, both pass) and… not getting any other error messages. Strange.

Could you post a screenshot of your pen after testing, it will help me get a better idea of what the problem is. But the pen does pass all the tests without any errors on my setup, so the problem may be something related to your setup, in which case you can submit the project without worrying. Here’s a screenshot of your code passing all the tests.

I also always get 16/17 here although I double-checked everything.

This is my pen:

I can’t find an error in my HTML, any suggestion? Here are the stories just in case:

It would be better if you open your own topic from now on instead of adding onto one that is two years old.

When a test fails you can click on the red button to see with test(s) failed and an explanation of what the test was looking for and what it found. In this case the failing message says;

Inside the form element, I am required to enter my name in a field with id="name". If I do not enter a name I will see an HTML5 validation error.

Name input field should be required : expected false to be truthy

As an aside, don’t use <br> for force line breaks. Use CSS.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: