Having Issues with Survey Form

My test result always shows 15/17 even after I have gotten all the user story correct.

maybe you have, maybe you haven’t
but we can’t help you if you don’t show your code
post the link to your pen or something so we can also test

My Pen Link: https://codepen.io/embrown007/pen/ZEYvadM
Thanks for your anticipated help.

there is no test suite in what you sent

how do I send test suite alongside? Don’t know how to do that. Thank you.

Sorry, I have the test suite now. This is the pen Link: https://codepen.io/embrown007/pen/QWwaabQ

the test suite is still not there

I didn’t previously add the test suite script.
Here it is: https://codepen.io/embrown007/pen/WNbddKa
Thanks a bunch.

when you run the tests, there is also a block of stuff below the failed user story that gives the result of the test
for example, there is this one:

  1. Inside the form element, I am required to enter my name in a field with id=“name”. If I do not enter a name I will see an HTML5 validation error.
    Name input field should be required

the last line is what you are missing

Thank You. Now i know how to go about my other projects.