Survey form as well as documentation page

Here is the survey form I did.

And here is the technical documentation page, I cloned part of bootstrap documentation page.

I did not follow freecodecamp’s instruction on this one though…

also I have finished all 5 of responsive webdesign projects…
where do I get the certificate??

Hey @zhouxiang19910319,

Go to settings > make your profile public > accept the academic honesty policy > claim the certificate.

Does that help?

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Thank you!
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Your survey form is simple, elegant and functional.
You have done well with technical documentation as well.
One thing i noticed in tech-doc is that the navigation bar in left doesn’t stays fixed in it’s position, it scrolls with the page.
Try to make the navbar’s position fixed.

Kepp the good work up.
All the best.

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I will take a look at it later!!

thanks for taking your time to provide feedback!